What Are the Top Countries To Live In Today?

The world is filled with all sorts of great countries but not all of them are perfect. There are many that are clearly better than others in terms of what makes them special. Here’s a look at the ten best countries to live in this coming year based on many features that make these countries so noteworthy.

1) Denmark

Denmark has become noteworthy for its strong health care system with children having access to free childcare services. The country is noted for its gender equality beliefs as well with a vast majority of women returning to their jobs after giving birth.


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2) Sweden

Sweden is popular for being one of the cleanest and most peaceful countries in the world. It is a leader in alternative energy. It also has a highly transparent political system and one of the largest public transportation systems in the world.

3) Norway

Norway has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and has more job openings coming all the time. This is thanks to its growth in the hydroelectric, fishing and petroleum industries.

4) Australia

Australia has some of the strongest retirement benefits for the elderly. These include superannuation funds and aged pensions. This all goes with a strong literacy rate and a strong tendency among people in the country to be helpful to anyone.

5) Iceland

Iceland is so peaceful that the country doesn’t have its own army, focusing more on its rescue teams. The hydroelectric and geothermal energy industries in the country are very large as well, thus resulting in the cleanest air in the entire world.

6) Switzerland

Switzerland is great for having the most stable economy in the world. This is thanks to the political system in the country being stable and transparent. The country especially focuses on extensive training and schooling for people in various trades, thus ensuring the country makes only the best possible products. This is especially the case in the chocolates and watches that come from the country.

7) New Zealand

New Zealand has a very open government that is fair and is amazingly balanced, thus resulting in very little corruption. The economy in the country is especially free to all as employment opportunities are abound around the place.

8) The Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for its vast biking paths and bicycle-friendly transportation laws. The educational standards in the country are especially strong as employers tend to focus on Master’s degrees over bachelor’s degrees when looking for new workers. The country has been historically welcoming to those who are different from the norm; this can especially be seen in the metropolis of Amsterdam.

9) Singapore

Singapore has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The World Bank says that it is one of the easiest countries in the world to start doing business in.

10) Canada

Canada has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It is also popular for welcoming a rich and diverse number of people from all walks of life. The economy in Canada is also growing as people start to discover that this place is a noteworthy tourist destination for all.