Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Tips

No doubt, remodeling is one of the most expensive ventures in home renovations, but with proper planning you can keep the costs in check. Renovation of kitchen has the significance of adding value to your home and lifestyle. Let’s make your job easier by presenting top 10 kitchen remodeling tips which are prudent and effortless.

1) Always Use A-Class Materials:

It is recommended to employ high quality materials in your kitchen, since it is the most used part of the home. Avoid using low quality drawers and cabinets made of particleboard. Choose wood veneer instead of MDF, particleboard or melamine for cabinet interiors. Also be sure to hire an experienced home remodeling team like SHS Roofing to make sure that the job is done the right way and will last the test of time.

2) Go for Large Cabinets:

Large cabinets not only look good, but also extend more storage space; for instance, they offer an extra wall space for open shelves and artwork. On the other hand, leave some space between the cabinets and the ceiling; for an 8-feet ceiling, leave about 15 to 18 inches space above the cabinet.

3) Paint Kitchen Cabinets:

It is advisable to paint your kitchen cabinets instead of opting for the stained-wood cabinets. Painted cabinets not only add to the overall aesthetics, but also last longer than the finished cabinets. Furthermore, painted cabinets can also be easily altered.

4) Choose a Nice Countertop:

Countertop is the most important part of any kitchen. Carrara marble and Wiarton limestone are excellent options for the kitchen countertops.

5) Make Space for Trash:

Do not leave out garbage bins when remodeling your kitchen. There are clever ways through which you can add them to your kitchen such as built-in bins covered behind a cabinet door, or a garbage container made out of stainless-steel won’t also look bad at all.

6) Avoid Adding a Lot of Details:

Make your kitchen style compatible with the overall flamboyance of your home. Do not add extra details such as plaster moldings on the cabinet fronts or decorate excessively as these can ruin the kitchen’s aesthetics.

7) Kitchen Floors:

We have multitudes of flooring options these days; for instance, wooden floors are stunning (caution: they wear down quickly by cooking range, sink and fridge). Stone floors require periodic resealing due to their porous nature. Hard or natural stones are a popular choice for kitchen floors and work superbly. So, bear in mind the resistance, maintenance and porosity for flooring.

8) Just Add Basic Appliances:

Keep only the basic appliances in your kitchen. Instead of installing numerous high tech gadgets, you can choose a stainless steel range to exclude wall ovens.

9) Make it Safe:

Home safety experts suggest making your kitchen a family-safe zone. In this regard, some safety-conscious items to include are rounded countertops, installation of ovens at a safe height and the slip-resistant floors. This will help avoiding accidental slipping or burns in the kitchen. Furthermore, plan your design in a way that it makes the backyard and the indoor play area visible from kitchen’s cooking area.

10) Focus on Lighting:

Just like other rooms of the house, the kitchen also demands appropriate lighting. Avoid lights that fall behind you or cast a shadow on the workspace. Position the lights to fall in front of the workspace. Under-cabinet lights are an excellent option as they fall directly on the countertops.

Image by usan Serra, CKD