9 Roofing Safety Tips to Follow When Fixing Your Roof

Roof inspection and renovation are crucial parts of a home improvement strategy. Most homeowners do take care of their roofs. However, since ladders and steep roofs are dangerous, you need to take some precautions when working on your roof to avoid any trouble.

9 Roofing Safety Tips

1) Focus on a Solid Surface:

Do not forget to adjust ladder on a solid and stable surface. Use a ladder stabilizer and hook it at the top of ladder. If the legs of ladder stand on a grassy surface or dirt, make its bottom stable by digging holes. In case, the ladder is placed on a porch or slippery surface, put something strong behind it to prevent slipping.

2) Weather Conditions:

Avoid rainy weather; fixing a leak in such circumstances may land you into a hospital bed for several days. Leaks are nasty but quick fixes are not the right solution. Just wait for the weather to get better and be patient; everything will turn out just fine.

3) Rubber Sole shoes:

Roofs are slanting and slippery sometimes, posing a great risk of injuries. It is advised to wear rubber sole shoes to avoid any difficult situation.

4) Roof Spray:

Apply roof spray at different locations to find the leakage. However, it must be done after winter season; it is not safe to run water on a freezing roof.


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5) Debris :

As it is mostly a DIY task, you need to clear debris and other objects. Clean up everything including nails and shingles since these can cause dangerous accidents. Also, clear up all the unnecessary tools from the work site to avoid tripping.


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6) Clean Gutters:

Clogged gutters are one of the major causes of roof leaks, since they cause rain water to build up during the wet season. Make sure to maintain and clean your gutters for leaves and debris. Overlooking this task might damage the entire roof structure. Hire a professional for a thorough inspection instead of doing it yourself. Calling in experts is recommended when you are unsure of any roofing activity.


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7) Ice Buildups:

Ice buildups on roofs are a common sight in winter season. However, too much ice creates an interior drip to hinder house heating and proper ventilation. Install a drip edge to prevent ice build up on your roof.


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8) Roof Boots:

Roofing, flashing, skylights and ice damping are all potential leak places. Roof boots are mostly ignored by majority of homeowners. A roof boot is the point where the roof fence comes up. Leaks are caused, when the roof boots dry up. However, these can be fixed quickly. Visit a local hardware store and buy a new roof boot. Remove some shingles and pour better tar under it to install the roof boot.

9) Inspect Materials:

Inspect all roof installations such as shingles since they can also create leaks. Always buy quality materials by reading user reviews and consulting with friends and family members.