Defining Drill Sizes And Other Improvements In Modern PCB Software

A designer has a really tough job as they are trying to create a design that is fit for purpose in the simplest but effective way. It wasn’t that long ago where designers relied on using drawing boards and real schematic drawings in order to bring their solution together. This method can still be used today, however, there are much more effective PCB software solutions in play that help minimise error with designers. There are multiple types of software packages available to purchase however not all of them will have what is needed in terms of modern improvements. Here, we talk you through the new improvements of modern PCB software and how you can take advantage of things like defining drill sizes.

Simplified Production:

More advanced PCBs need to have different routing which will include the need for VIAs. Wouldn’t it be good for a software application to help define your PCB drill sizes that you require in order to support the production process? Some of the more modern software packages have this sort of tool in order to help keep your information and data integrity clear and keep the production process simple and running.


When you have designed an item and there is a need to then send this for mass production, the simulation packages will play an important part in this to help prevent any design errors being actually built. These simulations are therefore key to check out the robustness of a designed component but can also be used when you bring all the components together at an assembly level. Not all software packages have this type of simulation capability, therefore, ensure that this is checked out in advance.

Various Advanced Tools:

PCB Drill Sizes

With each version of PCB design software that is released, you will find more and more advanced tools being released. These are in place to make the overall design process a lot simpler. Some examples of the advanced tools include things like the different views available. This may include not only 2D but also 3D. Clearly, 3D views will assist the designer in seeing the design in a different angle not only at a component level but also at an overall assembly level.


Modern packages may seem a little difficult to understand due to the vast number of tools that can be used. It almost seems a conflict of the simplification they are trying to incorporate into the packages. As a result, the software developers recognize that there will be people with all different backgrounds purchasing their brands and they set up virtual training courses. Even if you think you are a PCB design expert, it may be worth getting yourself on one of those courses in order to ensure that you are fully up to speed with all the advanced tools and techniques. Further help can be sought in places like community internet forums where people like you will be looking to share and gain knowledge.