Mercedes-Benz X Brabus Sprinter: Business Lounge Edition

Mercedes are renowned for their luxury models, from the AMG range to the S-class, the brand screams class, so is the Brabus Sprinter any different? It may seem an impossible task to make a van a luxury vehicle of the Mercedes standard but we asked some Van Specialists to give us there review on the van so you know what it is really like.

Brabus is an aftermarket tuning company that specialize in Mercedes Benz, Maybach, and Tesla. They turn already luxurious vehicles onto supersonic land yachts. For example, the ‘Brabus Rocket’ was based on a Mercedes S65 AMG; the engine was then turned into a ludicrous 900BHP. The interior was also heavily modified to include fold-down desks and infotainment screens for the two rear passengers.

Brabus’ most recent mission was less about speed and focused almost completely on luxury inside the cabin. The Brabus Sprinter Business Lounge Edition is the true meaning of luxury. The Mercedes van has swapped rubber flooring for varnished wood, a toolbox for a coffee maker and optional bench seats for 4 massaging, heated and ventilated seats that recline into a sleeping a position too. The van has a distinct whiff of airline business class. A 42-inch screen with blue ray player and PS4 are just some of the more entertaining features the luxury van offers. Superfast WIFI means an entire meeting could take place in there with more benefits than a regular office.

Mercedes-Benz X

Image by Pexels

Brabus are renowned for their audacious design features and these have been exhibited in an array of their previous models. The Brabus S65 AMG Desert Gold edition, for example, was covered inside and out with gold detailing, that’s over 300 parts of the interior alone! Brabus has also let their engineers loose on the little two seat city car Smart offer. Although the acceleration figures aren’t a rival to the S65 they’re still impressive from a 1 liter engine. In the Sprinter then, Brabus had to provide something special. The exterior is left rather plain with 18 inch alloys, a sportier body kit, and two new exhausts. Inside, however, the roof is integrated with an LED system that allows it to project over 12 animations from a starry night to a fireworks display. Miracast allows smartphone content mirroring onto the display, or a smaller 10-inch screen for the rear facing seats, with sound coming from a 1,200W Dolby surround sound system. Helping minimise the number of switches needed to control all of the above, each seat gets a five-inch touchscreen display that manages various in-car functions.

With these great modifications comes an even greater price tag… we assume. Brabus hasn’t released an official pricing guide yet but as each van is made to order we doubt they’ll be cheap.