Give Your iPhone a Serious Style Upgrade

School may be back in session, but you won’t be getting your iPhone 7 until you’ve had several weeks of classes under your belt. Before your special order arrives on campus, you need to find a stylish covering that can protect your newest gadget from the hazards of college life. But being a student isn’t easy or cheap. Now that you’ve signed a new contract for the pricey 7, you’ll be committed to a Ramen noodle diet to get by. You don’t exactly have any extra money to pay for expensive protective accessories — but don’t despair! You don’t need to lay down the big bucks in order to get quality, dependable protection. A cost-effective skin, wrap, or decal is an inexpensive yet reliable way to save your 7 from damage.

Unprotected, your newest gadget simply won’t survive your itinerant student lifestyle. You’ll be moving from your dorm room to class to that late-night study session, not to mention all of the cafés and bars that you manage to frequent in between. Eventually, daily wear and tear will make its presence known on your 7. The Jet Black model, with its shiny coating susceptible to scrapes and scratches, will show these damages quicker than most.

There are a variety of accessories designed to tackle this very issue that you and every other iPhone user encounters. Skins, wraps, or decals made by the designers at companies like dbrand have created no-fail ways of protecting these phones. Using a thin and flexible material like 3M vinyl, these companies cut their skins into form fitting pieces that cover every but the touch-sensitive screen and the lens of the camera. Everything else — the bezels, buttons, and backing — are covered in a vinyl that stands strong against sharp edges and rough surfaces, saving these pieces from cosmetic damages. A dbrand skin for your iPhone 7 will also prevent it from slipping from your fingers or off slick surfaces, as it’s a material your fingertips will naturally want to grip — far better than the original aluminum, glossy or otherwise.

If you’re worried about covering up all that makes it’s a stereotypical Apple phone — don’t worry. An iPhone 7 wrap is a customizable accessory, and you can choose a design that accentuates the apple logo on the back of your cell. You can do that by choosing the most eye-catching color for this particular piece of the skin, contrasting it with a complementary color or texture. Choose from a variety of finishes, including stone, wood, carbon fiber, leather, and a selection of true hues to create this look.

The choice is yours; just make sure it’s something you can be seen with all around campus because it won’t take long before your classmates will start to take notice of your singular cell. There’s some benefit to waiting for your pre-order to arrive. You’ll have enough time to check out the variety of decals, skins, and wraps at your fingertips and create one that’s totally ‘you’. Just make sure it’s fit to measure from 3M vinyl, and you’ll have a protected and stylish 7.