Save with a wood burning stove

How much can you really save with a wood burning stove or even a biomass boiler? We crunch the numbers…

  • The Government will pay you for installing some renewable systems
  • 20% rise in sales of wood burning stoves in the last 12 months
  • We crunch the numbers to see if these heating systems are worthwhile 

It’s been an unseasonably warm winter so far, but with colder weather reportedly on its way, how do you stay warm? More likely than not it’s by turning on the central heating.

However, a growing number of people are opting for renewable heating sources instead such as wood burning stoves or biomass boilers.

These claim to not only be good for the environment but also a way to cut the cost of your energy bills, add value to your property and with some you can even get free cashback from the Government.

But are they just a fad or can you make some real savings? We take a look at exactly how much they cost and what the potential savings are.

The savings of using a wood burning stove

There has been a big increase in sales of wood burning stoves, both for adding character to a home, adding value to your property – some experts say they could add 5 per cent – and as a way to cut down on pricey energy bills.

Wood burning stove provider, Chesney’s, says there was a 20 per cent rise in its sales last year despite the unseasonably mild weather in the UK.

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