A High-Waisted Bikini will help you Feel Fabulous in the Hot Tub or at the Poolside

High waisted bikinis might be called vintage today but they are the latest craze in the swimwear world. The modern waisted bikini is purely an invention of the 20th century instigated by the paradigm shifts in fashion and society. Swimwear companies today are quickly embracing high-waisted bikinis for plus size women because they’ve discovered that these groups love the fact that they provide full coverage, assist in hiding extra skin, and enable them to look toned and slimmer. Approximately 25% of women worldwide now wear size 8 or larger – over the past 5 years, the women’s plus sized market has grown by 45%more than that of men.

But the key indicator of rising trends in plus sized fashion wear is the popularity of certain body/model types. The latest news from the runway implies that fashion designers are ultimately embracing the idea of fashion for plus sized women. The emergence of supermodels like Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday has also contributed to the shift in standards. Ashley Graham has gone the extra mile to sponsor a new chain of sexy plus size swimwear available on websites like swimsuitforall.com. Since then, an explosion of great swimsuits has occurred on the market. Thanks to her amazing designs, swimsuitsforall has your plus size bikinis — all you need to do is visit the site and browse away!

This scenario indicates that the coming years will see an upsurge of plus sized fashion wear as opposed to previous years where finding this fashion in a store was a challenge. Finding a great swimsuit at a department store is still a challenge today because retailers find it difficult to promote plus sizes against regular sizes, more than 50% of women worldwide sporting size 18 or higher discovered that finding their size in a store was next to impossible, over 50% of women worldwide still believe that plus sized fashion wears are less fashionable and appealing than the smaller outfits.

This is simply untrue. No longer are designers simply blowing up pre-existing fashions to cover a larger shape, but designing for a larger shape specifically – from the patterns, to the fabrics, to the cuts. Today’s swim designs for plus sized women are finally on trend. There is pretty much something for everybody’s style and budget. The newest high waisted bikinis and the midriff-concealing tankini offer twice the coverage without sacrificing an ounce of sex appeal.

A bathing suit is not only meant for a vacation in an exotic location, but something you can also wear in the hot tub, when sipping cocktails or drinks poolside, or when you want some dose of sunshine for your tan. Online retailers have made acquiring these bath suits less of a hassle by delivering right to your door step upon payment. Furthermore, with the latest campaigns and sponsorships by top models, expect plus-sized women’s wear to come out from the shadows and integrate with regular sizing, alongside the grand openings of more plus sized designer boutiques.