What Happens if You Get Caught Speeding?

Speeding is inexcusable under any circumstance, emergency or not, the speed limit is set for a reason and by breaking it you’re endangering yourself and others around you. So, if you are above the limit, what happens? If you don’t get caught then nothing, you’re free to drive on without penalty, if you’re caught by a fixed camera, you should get a letter within 14 days and if a patrol car catches you, you’ll be pulled over and either issued with a verbal warning or receive a fixed penalty notice.

If you’re pulled over by a traffic patrol, these are the options they have to punish you:

  • Offered the chance to attend a speed-awareness course, which you’ll have to pay for.
  • Issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (a speeding ticket), with a fine of £100 and penalty points.
  • Prosecuted for speeding. You will have to go to court, and could face a fine of up to £1,000 (£2,500 if you were speeding on the motorway), between three and six penalty points on your driving license, and a possible driving ban.
Driving License

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If you’re caught by a speed camera a notice should come within 14 days, this will include the charge you face and a fee to pay.

“The 10% +2 ‘rule’ is a common misconception about speed limits, this is only a guideline for officers and they have a right to punish you for anything more than 2MPH over the limit. The +2 rule comes from the speed gun tolerance and allowing for any slight miscalculations, it’s increased to +3 when checking speeds of over 70MPH or more.” Added Ryan of C.H Render.

A further type of speed camera that’s becoming more popular are average speed camera on our motorways. They track your speed over a set distance rather than just a snapshot, therefore their manufacturer claims a tolerance of just 0.1%. Bedfordshire Police made the bold decision to introduce a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to speeding on the motorway.

Of course, for relatively new drivers, the penalties for speeding are much greater than they typically are for those who have been driving for multiple years – for drivers who are relatively new, or have been legally driving for less than two years, their licence will be revoked after reaching 6 points and they will be obligated to retake their practical driving test to prove that they won’t put other drivers in harms way.