6 Tips to Find Free Money When Short of Cash

Worried about your financial situation and in need of quick cash? Fortunately, there are a few good ways to help you find free money and get your finances back on track. Below we will only mention six of them.

1) Check around Your Home:

We all have a spot where we keep money. Most of the times, we put money in sofa cushions, clothing (in the laundry bucket), dashboard of a car, bedroom closet, kitchen drawer or the junk drawer. Search these places, you may just find a few bill rolls.

2) Available Funds:

Bank accounts, utility deposits, rental and safe deposits, insurance policies are a few resources of finding unclaimed money. You simply need to know what to check and collect without paying any fee. Sites like MissingMoney.com allow you to put in your name and perform a database search of available funds (family’s missing, lost, and unclaimed property, money and assets) across all states.

In case, the state you live in is not registered with this free site, you can try unclaimed.org, a clearinghouse for the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. FHA home loans are also another good option to get some quick cash, as HUD is something that can be refunded. Visit HUD.gov to see the refund database.

3) Craigslist:

Craigslist is a good alternative to a yard sale and helps in making a few quick bucks. It is being used for selling and buying almost anything from furniture, bicycles, musical equipment to art, housewares etc. The platform assists you in finding sellers, and unlike Ebay, gives you liberty to conduct the transactions independently. The transactions can be done face to face reducing chances of any fraud.

Research the community to know about the prices of different items. There are many of them which may never cross your mind, but can be turned into cash. Use this technique regularly, but be careful of scammers on Craigslist to avoid any trouble.

4) Take a Room mate:

You can put the extra room in your house on rent to make some cash. Have a few conversations about sharing the living space, and make rules about using kitchen and food to make things smooth. Lastly, do not forget to sign a lease agreement to make things official.

5) Saving Bonds:

Most of us may have received saving bonds as kids on birthdays and special occasions. You’ll be surprised to know that millions of dollars matured in saving bonds are never cashed, since many people are unaware of it. The Treasury Hunt tool can help you find and claim misplaced series E saving bonds from 1974 or later, in addition to other registered Treasury bonds and notes.

6) Rectify Credit Report Mistakes:

The credit card score is based on a number of factors, but mistakes in there can affect your car insurance premium, car loans and mortgages. Rectifying it is crucial to long-term financial status, as it is directly linked to your everyday expenses and may as well get you some cash. You also have the liberty to use cashback credit cards; using them can give you back some money. However, go through all the rules in detail before proceeding with cashback credit cards.

Image by Steven Depolo