Conscientious Consumers for Sustainability

How conscious are you of the impact on the environment that is made by one purchase? Look, this is not to insinuate that my purchasing 1 plastic bottle of shampoo is going to send the earth’s ecosystem on its top. Am I willing to reconsider my place in the supply chain?

For those of us that are babies of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, we have seen the recycling boom unfold before our eyes. How many of us remember the days when you would purchase glass bottles of Pepsi and Coke products, only to return the empties to the grocery store?


Today we see recycling through a new pair of glasses, if you will. Cavan Sieczkowski wrote a piece for The Huffington Post last year that highlighted a dress worn by Emma Watson at the 2016 Met Gala, made from recycled plastic bottles.

The statement Emma, and countless others, are making is twofold. The damage to our environment, in particular to those who come after our generations, is long-standing from plastic trash. Secondly, it is possible to take the plastic and repurpose it for other uses.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Image by Pixabay


Thankfully companies have long taken notice of this urgent need and are taking appropriate actions. By taking a proactive stance, and marketing their brand as eco-friendly, they position themselves in a favorable light to the consumers who desire to support this initiative.

Each of us, regardless of our gender, requires a trip through the cosmetics department at our local store. It can be for anything from deodorant, hand and body creams or lotions, or sun care products.

How conscientious are you, as a consumer, of the importance of the environment with the company’s products that you purchase? We all know that most products are labeled when produced, or packaged, from recycled materials.

What many of us may not recognize is the “behind the scenes” organizations that are doing their part to ensure the earth is not riddled with plastic “leftovers” for generations to come. For example, Signature Filling Company is a proponent of sustainability, as their product line is comprised of 100% recyclable material.

Politics and Voice:

Maya Singer, in her piece for Vogue, brings to light that the power of the consumers is not just in the choice of where to spend the dollar and on what product. There is power in a voice and a vote.

National Mall Washington DC

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In the first paragraph, mention was made of the supply chain, and how 1 customer fits into this. Most definitions of supply chain leave out the end user, with the focus on the process that leads a product to a store shelf.

If 1 customer chooses to put sustainability at the forefront of their shopping decisions, they have in effect made an impact on the supply chain. Just as, 1 voice can lead others to join in harmony, and 1 vote can lead to change in politics.

Regardless of your political affiliations and size of bank account, each of us is responsible for leaving this earth in better shape than it was before. Future generations deserve this.