7 Budget Travel Vacation Ideas

Hawaii beaches are a popular vacation destination for tourists. From adventure, romance, relaxing family time to incredible sceneries, Hawaii has it all. The best thing about visiting Hawaii is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy what these islands have to offer.  Here are a few budget travel vacation ideas to assist you in planning your trip to Hawaii.

1) Visiting Hawai’i and Honolulu in Off Season:

Hawai’i and Honolulu are the most affordable and easily accessible places on the islands. Ranked on top of the list among vacationers, these islands offer a lot of hidden gems to uncover for the tourists. Plan your trip around these months (January, February, May September and October) to get some of the best travel deals. Moreover, February is a good time to catch humpback whales, whereas September is famous for Aloha Festival.

Visiting Hawai’i

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2) Rent a Condo or Hostel:

Condo rentals are quite cheap compared to resorts; for instance, a 7-day stay in a resort during the month of May would cost around $200 per night, whereas a comfortable one-bedroom condo can be secured for half of that price. Hostel accommodation is even cheaper than a condo. Hostelling International Waikiki, located right beside the beach in Oahu is an excellent choice to spend a few days. When in Maui, choose Northshore Hostel as an affordable alternative to staying in a hotel.

Rent a Condo or Hostel

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3) Limit your Visit to One or Two Islands:

Limiting your trip around one to two islands will cut costs; obviously, visits to multiple islands will be quite expensive. If you are low on budget, but still desire to explore different islands, consider traveling through ferries such as Maui-Lanai Ferry ($30 each) and Molokai-Maui Ferry ($67 each) instead of flying around the islands.

Limit your Visit to One or Two Islands

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4) Explore and Plan Free Tours:

Sightseeing is one of the various activities tourists indulge in Hawaii, and you can enjoy it for free. Check out the amazing view of sunset every evening on its beautiful beaches. In addition, there are countless vacation spots which are free to visit for everyone. You can also explore the fun city life of Honolulu, the state’s capital, and experience the Royal Hawaiian Band’s performance for free at the Iolani Palace, taking place every Friday, at 12 pm.

Museums such as Pearl Harbor extend free tours for a certain number of tourists. Go for a hike and explore the top of the Diamond Head crater to experience a wonderful view of Waikiki. Visit Big Islands and take a few memorable pictures of its famous Akaka Falls. Kauai Island is another good location worth visiting for the jagged cliffs of the Na Pali coast.

Explore and Plan

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5) Indulge in Sports and Beach Activities:

Honaunau Bay is an interesting place to go snorkeling. Explore Kokee State Park for its Waimea Canyon and several other hiking trails. Spend afternoon gazing at sea surfers battling through waves on Maui Islands, famous for its natural resources and pristine beaches.

Indulge in Sports and Beach Activities

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6) Heavy Lunch over Light Dinner:

Many vacation spots offer lunch at discounted rates compared to dinner at different restaurants. Food trucks especially Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, are also a good way to save money on food.

Heavy Lunch over Light Dinner

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7) Travel through Bus:

Car rentals are a comfortable choice however, they are expensive at the same time. Opt for a bus service on Oahu named The Bus , to travel across different parts of an island. A 4-day pass costing $25 is available at any ABC store in Waikiki, which you can use to get around different places without any hassle.

Travel through Bus

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