The Importance Of Branding For A Small Business

Branding is the process of giving a brand a unique name and image for people to remember it by, the best example of this is the Golden Arches of McDonald’s.


One of the main components of a brand is the logo, it’s the thing that people will come to recognize you by and the main graphic on any correspondence or advertising. A professional logo design is simple enough to remember but powerful enough to portray your desired message. This will enable you to build your brand and generate positive connotations of your logo and business.

Creates Trust:

When a customer sees a professional logo and clean design on business cards, shop signage or vehicle livery they feel reassured and confident in the service you’ll be providing. Emotional reactions are hardwired into the human brain and these reactions are huge influencers in our decision making. Creating trust is the most important in some instances, in the case of Eden Commercials, if the customer doesn’t trust the dealer, the chance of conversion is significantly lowered.

Financial Value:

The value of a company who publicly trade on the stock exchange is far greater than the actual hard assets it holds. This value comes from the branding. If a company has a strong brand it virtually guarantees repeat business. This is also valuable when looking for investment as a company that people have heard of will be perceived as more successful than one it hasn’t.

New Customers:

How would you recommend an item to a friend if you couldn’t remember the name of the brand? The purpose of a brand is to create an indelible impression with new customers. If they like the brand then they’ll continue to recommend it. The most profitable companies, small and large, have a single thing in common. They have established themselves as a leader in their particular industry by building a strong brand.

Know Your Audience:

When branding your business, it’s important to know who your target audience is, if your adverts are too generic then it won’t leave a lasting impression on anyone, too narrow and you won’t get a broad enough customer group. To avoid wasting your own time you have to decide if the product is incredible to everyone and not just you, as well as this you must ensure there’s a need for the product or service you’re selling.

Featured Image by Pixabay